Benefits of Decentralized

By using Web3 wallets like MetaMask to interact with permissionless financial applications and protocols.

DeFi market participants always keep custody of their assets and control of their personal data.

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"We have arrived at a breakthrough in how we can build trust into all of our systems. We are at the beginning of the next revolution, the Trust Revolution."

Tamper-proof data coordination across a blockchain’s decentralized architecture increases security and auditability

Ethereum’s composable software stack ensures that DeFi protocols and applications are built to integrate and complement one another. With DeFi, developers and product teams have the flexibility to build on top of existing protocols, customize interfaces, and integrate third-party applications. For this reason, people often call DeFi protocols “money legos.”

On the public Ethereum blockchain, every transaction is broadcast to and verified by other users on the network (note: Ethereum addresses are encrypted keys that are pseudo-anonymous).

This level of transparency around transaction data not only allows for rich data analysis but also ensures that network activity is available to any user.

Ethereum and the DeFi protocols running on it are also built with open source code that is available for anyone to view, audit, and build upon.

Unlike traditional finance, DeFi is defined by its open, permissionless access: anyone with a crypto wallet and an Internet connection,

regardless of their geography and often without any minimum amount of funds required, can access DeFi applications built on Ethereum.

By using Web3 wallets like MetaMask to interact with permissionless financial applications and protocols,

DeFi market participants always keep custody of their assets and control of their personal data.

BDAMdefi Blockchain

Web 3.0 dapp browser

Web 3.0 dapp browser

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

This dual-chain architecture will empower its users to build their decentralized apps and digital assets on one blockchain and take advantage of the fast trading to exchange on the other.


Defi Exchange & wallet

Launch of cefi derivative
platform wallet.

Defi swap platform

Listed on major

Our Team

Meet BDAM Team

British Digital Asset Management (BDAM) is a project founded by a team of industry veterans from finance & technology industry.

Dr. David Meszaros

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Edwards

Technical Advisor
(President USA - BlocPal Intl)

Jaian Cuttari

Chief Executive Officer

"BDAM is paving the way for a world of mass crypto adaption through simplicity and user centric products."

BDAM is going to shape the fintech landscape through the innovative solutions to the most pressing problems faced by our clients

Martin Ploom

Credit & Banking Advisor

Samuel Markus Zammit

Regional director (Malta)

As a company that prides itself on transparency and the highest quality services to its users, BDAM is setting the standards for blockchain companies to do better and positively impact the communities around them.

Quentin Herbrecht

Chief Marketing Officer

Best Backing Brands

Nasdaq interviews, Jaian Cuttari, the CEO of BDAM , British Digital Asset Management

Jane King inteviews Jaian Cuttari, the CEO of BDAM, British Digital Asset Management.
Segment from TV show 'Innovators with Jane King'.
BDAM | British Digital Asset Management a complete financial ecosystem providing state-of-the-art banking, trading and payment solutions on a global scale.

Media News

BDAM | Digital Financial Ecosystem Pivots and Partners with Akoin & Binance.US

Had a fantastic interview with Akoin, Co-Founder Jon Karas and Head of Business Development of Binance US, Rena Shah. On Jane Kings.

A complete financial ecosystem providing state-of-the-art banking, trading and payment solutions on a global scale. We envision to create an entire financial ecosystem where the community has complete control over their finances.

Bloomberg, 6 part Featured Series for Network TV

British Digital Asset Management (BDAM) An innovative financial services provider is proud to announce its CEO, Jaian Cuttari will be discussing BDAM's strategy for global digital transformation and the state of the crypto industry. BDAM intends to bridge the gap between the crypto world and the real world, by creating infrastructure where cryptocurrencies can be used by everyday people to make purchases on goods and services they would otherwise use traditional fiat currencies for.

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BDAM latest News

Congratulatory messages

Congratulatory messages from veteran entrepreneurs

Create, issue, and manage the lifecycle of digital assets, associated markets, and digital financial instruments on public or permissioned blockchain networks.

Kevin O'Leary

Congratulations on the BDAM Project being selected as the Forbes Top 10 Projects 2020. I believe that BDAM will continue to innovate & become a leader in the fintech & blockchain industry.

Grant Cardone

BDAM continues to grow at this speed, y'all are going to take all over the world. The next Netflix, keep going, 2020 10x.

Daymond John

I wanna congratulate the BDAM team for making into one of the world's top & I mean top! incubators. BDAM'S team I want you to keep up your positions & keep working hard & you will realize your vision.

Brad Seelig

Akoin's EVP Business Development
"Seasoned Investment Banking executive with over 20 years of senior management experience on Wall st. Prior to joining Akoin, Brad lived in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire for three years managing a boutique investment advisory where he focused on sourcing, originating and financing deals in the defense, housing, transportation, infrastructure, and agriculture sectors, across West Africa. Before moving to Africa, Brad managed the America’s FX Prime Brokerage desk at Deutsche Bank (based in NYC), where he advised many of the world’s most sophisticated hedge funds and asset managers and facilitated access to the highly complex foreign exchange and OTC derivatives markets, worldwide. Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, Brad spent 14 years with JPMorgan (Investment Bank) holding senior roles in Listed & OTC derivatives, risk management and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). Brad was born and raised in Menlo Park, CA and holds an MA in International Affairs."

Michele Romanow

BDAM team its Michele Romanow here from CBC'S Dragon's Den. Just wanted to wish you guys well, sounds like your are doing amazing things by building international services in Africa & just so excited to see Entrepreneurship trying to solve one of the hardest global problems.

Jon Karas

BDAM will be one of our major payment solutions. It will be a solution partner for many future users to use in real life.

Ultimate features
that we built in our application.

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